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Summer is just around the corner, which means that the grass will be growing, and the weeds will be growing even more. Nothing looks more unkempt than a lawn where the grass grows between the sidewalk and the edges around the trees and bushes are not properly trimmed. With a gas string trimmer, your lawn or garden can look great. In this guide, we will look at five best gas string trimmers to help you find the best one for your needs.

If you’re not familiar with gas string trimmers itself then I strongly recommend to start with our buyer’s guide.

  Husqvarna 128LD - Best Smart Starting Gas Trimmer Tanaka TCG27EBSP - Best Trimmer with a Fast Throttle Response Hitachi CG23ECPSL - Gas Powered Solid Steel Drive Shaft String Trimmer Troy-Bilt TB575 - Best Gas Trimmer for Versatility Blue Max 52623 - Best Trimmer for Thick Weeds
  Husqvarna 128LD - Best Smart Starting Gas Trimmer Tanaka TCG27EBSP - Best Trimmer with a Fast Throttle Response Hitachi CG23ECPSL - Best Trimmer for Reducing Fatigue Troy-Bilt TB575 - Best Gas Trimmer for Versatility Blue Max 52623 - Best Trimmer for Thick Weeds
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Engine 28 cc, 2-cycle engine 26.9 cc, 2-cycle engine 22.5 cc, 2-cycle engine 29 cc, 4-cycle engine 42.7 cc, 2-cycle engine
Cutting Width 17-Inch 10-Inch 15-Inch 17-Inch 15-Inch
Starting System Smart Start Smart Start Smart Start SpringAssist EZ start recoil system
Weight 11 pounds 11.2 pounds 10.3 pounds 18 pounds 17 pounds
Product Dimensions 12.2 x 10.2 x 40 inches 70.1 x 9.9 x 12.5 inches 70 x 8 x 8 inches 12.4 x 11.2 x 41.8 inches 37.4 x 11.61 x 12.2 inches

Husqvarna 128LD - Best Smart Starting Gas Trimmer

Amazon's Choice Editor's Choice
Husqvarna 128LD - Best Smart Starting Gas Trimmer
Engine 28 cc, 2-cycle engine
Cutting Width 17-Inch
Smart Start
Detachable Shaft
Auto Return Stop Switch
Fuel Tank Volume 13.53 fl oz
Power Output 1.0 hp
Product Dimensions 12.2 x 10.2 x 40 inches
Item Weight 11 pounds


husqvarna 128ld auto return stop switch
Auto return stop switch

Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.

husqvarna 128ld Air Purge
Air Purge

Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

husqvarna 128ld Smart Start
Smart Start®

The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.

husqvarna 128ld Detachable shaft
Detachable shaft

Tooless coupler separates shaft for easy transport and storage.

husqvarna 128ld Multi purpose
Multi purpose

Multi-purpose machine with several attachments available as accessories.


This detachable model is designed with smart start functionality that makes it easier to start trimming the weeds in your yard or garden. There is a function that is designed to remove all of the air from the engine and the carburetor so that the trimmer can easily access the fuel when it needs to start. In addition, the start switch will also reset back to the starting position when it is turned off so that it can easily be started again.

This is a lightweight trimmer model that is easy to maneuver around your yard. The handles are designed with an ergonomic shape that is easy to hold, and the shaft can be removed from the body of the trimmer so that it can be transported to other spaces with ease. In addition, the 17-inch cutting diameter makes it a great tool to use for a larger space.

This is a very versatile trimmer that is designed to be able to accommodate nearly any gardening needs. There are 11 different attachments that can be used with this trimmer, and they are all professional grade tools that will be useful in some way. With these attachments, you can trim your hedges, shape your bushes, prune your trees, and much more.

Some of the attachments that require the trimmer to be inverted when they are being used are not as effective as they could be. For example, the pole trimmer seems to struggle to get the gas that it needs to trim branches adequately.


This is a very versatile trimmer that is designed with a lot of attachments. It has a large trimming diameter, and it is easy to carry through your garden. A carry strap would be a welcome addition to the trimmer, but it is still a great option without one.


  • This gas string trimmer has quite a bit of power.
  • Starting this trimmer is a very simple process.
  • Replacement trimmer line is very easy to install in this unit.


  • This is a trimmer that seems to go through gas very quickly.
  • Not enough trimmer line comes with this unit.
  • This trimmer is designed to be a lightweight model, but with a large yard it begins to weigh on you after a while.

Tanaka TCG27EBSP - Best Trimmer with a Fast Throttle Response

Editor's Choice
Tanaka TCG27EBSP - Best Trimmer with a Fast Throttle Response
Engine 26.9 cc, 2-cycle engine
Cutting Width 10-Inch
Smart Start
Fuel Tank Volume 17.6 fl oz
Product Dimensions 70.1 x 9.9 x 12.5 inches
Item Weight 11.2 pounds


  • 26.9 cc Commercial Grade PureFire® two-stroke engine provides powerful performance, durability and reduces fuel consumption
  • S-Start reliable starting system provides 50% reduction in starting effort
  • Lightweight and great balance for less fatigue and better maneuverability
  • Rugged tank guard protects the fuel tank from damage
  • Splined solid steel drive shaft for better performance and durability
  • Anti-vibration system for comfortable user operation
  • Standard two-line semi automatic trimmer head, .095" trimmer line
  • Covered by Tanaka's two-year commercial use warranty, seven-year consumer use warranty and one-year rental use warranty

There is even aluminum clutch housing on the unit that provides the unit with protection against overheating, which will improve the lifespan of the trimmer.

When you change the blade attachment on the unit, you will also find that it is convenient to do without the use of tools because of the spindle lock that is located on the trimmer.

This is a lightweight trimmer that is designed to be easy to manage, even when you have a large piece of land to trim. The handles on the front and the back of the trimmer are padded, which will help reduce hand fatigue, and the shaft of the trimmer is lined so that vibrations are minimized during use. This trimmer also uses smart start technology, so professionals will never have to attempt to start the device more than once.

The debris guard that is located at the base of the trimmer is very small, which means that if there is any rubble or debris in the weeds that you need to trim, they will most likely be flung out of the unit when you are trimming your garden or yard.


Overall, this is a great commercial gas-powered string trimmer. It has more than enough power to cut large areas that need to be trimmed, but on occasion, it may overheat if you trim too much too fast. This is an ergonomic trimmer that is comfortable to use, so if you need to take care of a large garden, your hands will not get fatigue.


  • This trimmer is designed with a vibration dampener that makes it easier to use the unit for a long period of time.
  • This unit is very easy to start; in fact, it rarely requires more than one attempt.
  • This trimmer is very quiet when it is powered on.


  • This is a trimmer that is designed specifically for trimming a lawn; if you need to edge your yard, you may not get the results that you desire.
  • The debris guard on the trimmer is quite small.
  • This trimmer tends to get hot in high weeds.

Hitachi CG23ECPSL - Best Trimmer for Reducing Fatigue

Hitachi CG23ECPSL - Gas Powered Solid Steel Drive Shaft String Trimmer
Engine 22.5 cc, 2-cycle engine
Cutting Width 15-Inch
Smart Start
Product Dimensions 70 x 8 x 8 inches
Item Weight 10.3 pounds


  • 22.5 cc pure fire two-stroke engine meets emissions levels without sacrificing power, adding weight, or creating maintenance headaches
  • 69.6" overall length to lessen fatigue from bending
  • Anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue
  • S-Start recoil starting system reduces the force needed to start the engine

The Hitachi CG23ECPSL is a great gas string trimmer that is designed to help reduce your fatigue as you use it. This means that the unit itself has a very lightweight design that is easy to carry as you trim your garden.

The shaft on the trimmer has a straight design that provides more reach so that you don't need to bend over to reach under bushes and shrubs. In addition, the unit is designed with a system that will reduce the vibrations that the trimmer makes so that your hands get less fatigue as well.
This trimmer is designed with a smart start system that makes it easy to start the trimmer with a single attempt. The trimmer has a 15-inch cutting path, and it is compatible with several different trimming heads and accessories that you can use to do your landscaping.


This is a gas trimmer that uses a bump string feeding system, but the unit only holds about 13 feet of string, which is much less than some of the models on the market. However, only having this amount of string in the trimmer at once means that there is less chance of the string getting tangled, so you will simply have to replace it more often.


If you are looking for a string trimmer that reduces fatigue, then this is a great option for you to consider. In fact, the vibrations of the unit have been reduced so much that you will feel very little to no fatigue right after you are finished using the trimmer.


  • It is very simple to start this trimmer.
  • The unit vibrates very little while it is being used, which means that it is easier to handle when you have a lot to trim.
  • This trimmer has an extra long shaft that is designed to make it easy to reach under shrubs and bushes.


  • It takes a bit of effort to bump the cord when you need new string.
  • The debris shield seems like it could be a bit larger.
  • The throttle lever is plastic, which means that it is not as durable as it could be.

Troy-Bilt TB575 - Best Gas Trimmer for Versatility

Troy-Bilt TB575 - Best Gas Trimmer for Versatility
Engine 29 cc, 4-cycle engine
Cutting Width 17-Inch
Starting System SpringAssist
Choke System Standard
Handle Multi-position Pro handle
Warranty 2-year limited
Product Dimensions 12.4 x 11.2 x 41.8 inches
Item Weight 18 pounds


  • No mixing of gas and oil - Eliminate the need to mix oil and gas. Troy-Bilt’s 4-cycle engines take regular gas.
  • Click N Trim™ Bump Head - The Click N Trim™ cutting head option makes it easy to refill without disassembling the cutting head. Simply feed the line through the eyelets, and then twist the head to wind the line in seconds.
  • SpringAssist™ Starting Technology - SpringAssist™ starting technology dramatically reduces pulling effort by up to 55%.
  • JumpStart™ Capable - Take the effort out of starting with JumpStart™ power start technology. Attach JumpStart to any JumpStart-capable Troy-Bilt® unit and start with the push of a button.
  • Accepts TrimmerPlus® Attachments - Accepts interchangeable TrimmerPlus® attachments, which turn your trimmer into a garage full of tools.

The engine is a four-cycle engine that is designed to provide you with the power and the torque that you need for home needs as well as industrial ones.

This trimmer has a 17-inch cutting line that will help make the job of trimming your lawn much quicker. When you need to replace the line with new, this trimmer uses a bump head design that allows you to simply bump the head a few times to replace the old line before you use it again. This means that if the line gets tangled or detaches, you will be able to keep trimming as you intend. In addition, this unit is compatible with 10 different attachments, so it is a versatile tool to use in any garden.

This is a very heavy trimmer to carry around a large yard or garden. In total, it weighs about 18 pounds, so you may need to invest in a strap that makes it easier to maneuver when you are using it to trim your yard.


As a trimmer, this is a very great option to consider, especially if you need to trim, cut, and edge the shrubs and the grass in your yard or garden. Though it is a bit on the heavy side, it will get the job done easily, even when the weeds are thick.


  • This product has a jump-start engine, which means you won't always have to pull a cord.
  • When the cord needs to be pulled, the SpringAssist system reduces the needed pull strength.
  • It has a large cutting swath of 17 inches.
  • The product has a stable, straight-shaft design.


  • This is a very heavy unit, so you will need to use a shoulder strap to reduce fatigue.
  • This unit needs to warm up a bit in cold weather.
  • Because of its weight, balancing it in your garden can be difficult for some.

Blue Max 52623 - Best Trimmer for Thick Weeds

Blue Max 52623 - Best Trimmer for Thick Weeds
Engine 42.7 cc, 2-cycle engine
Cutting Width 15-Inch
Starting System EZ start recoil system for quick, easy starts
Product Dimensions 37.4 x 11.61 x 12.2 inches
Item Weight 17 pounds


  • 2 in 1 Brush Cutter/Trimmer
  • Anti-vibe handle increases stability and comfort
  • Powerful 2-stroke, 42.7cc engine is designed to cut through extreme ground cover conditions
  • EZ start recoil system for quick, easy starts
  • 3-prong brush cutter blade cuts vegatation up to 1 in. thick

When you're working in the yard, the vibrations that a trimmer can generate can be more than a bit uncomfortable, which is why the anti-vibe feature of this Blue Max trimmer is so useful. This is also a trimmer that's designed to be lightweight, so hours spent in the yard won't be as fatiguing as they would be with even a slightly heavier product.

The two-stroke engine of this product is also very powerful, which means that you shouldn't have much issue clearing through even the thickest brush.

This trimmer is designed with a straight shaft that makes clearing grass and brush very easy to control. Couple this with the 42.7cc engine and gardening is relatively easy with this Blue Max trimmer. The product uses a gas/oil mix of 40:1, and it runs fairly cleanly during your gardening duties. It also has a recoil starting system that makes it a cinch to get going quickly, and the handles are positioned in such a way as to be very ergonomic.

This product comes with a shoulder strap that isn't very well-made; in fact, it's fairly easy for it to wear out over time, and it's simply going to be better for you to purchase a harness. Also, the spring-loaded clip that binds the top and bottom together can be a bit rickety and can fail in short order. Additionally, the motor can bog down if you're cutting through thicker items like saplings.


Overall, this Blue Max product is a good option for anyone that needs a product that has a lightweight operation and wants something that's got enough power for thicker applications as well. Also, since this is a hybrid product that will trim and cut through heavy duty brush, this is a great overall product for versatility.


  • It only weighs 17 pounds in totality, which makes it easy to carry.
  • Its straight body makes it very easy to control.
  • The handles are very ergonomically placed.


  • The shoulder strap isn't very reliable.
  • The clip that holds the two sections together is known to fail.
  • When components wear out, it's typically very hard to replace them.

Best gas string trimmer - Buyer's Guide

Gas trimmers are not the only type of trimmer that you can purchase. There are also electric- and battery-powered options that are available on the market as well. With that being said, gas-powered string trimmers tend to be the most powerful option, which makes them great for large gardens and lawns. However, these are often the most expensive option, so you will need to consider your budget before making a purchase. Don't forget to take the fuel that you will need for the trimmer to run into account. It will not be a lot, but it is an added cost that you will need to consider.

What are other important features to consider?

One of the first things that you are going to need to consider is the shape of the shaft on the trimmer. You are going to need to have a trimmer that is comfortable to hold so that you are able to trim your entire yard or garden without getting fatigued. That being said, there are two types of trimmer shafts that you can consider.

Shape of the Shaft

The first, which is a curved shaft, is best for smaller areas. These models are typically lighter in weight so that they can be maneuvered with ease. They are also shorter in length, which can make it easier to trim small weeds in a flowerbed.

The second type of string trimmer shaft that you can consider is a straight shaft. This one is designed to be used in yards that have dense growth because the heavy-duty design has a longer reach that is great for trimming under bushes where a lawn mower cannot reach. Since these trimmers are larger, they may be more difficult to store.

Cutting Diameter

The cutting diameter of the string trimmer is basically the amount of weeds that can be trimmed in a single pass. If you have a small yard or garden, then you will only need to have a cutting diameter of about 10 to 14 inches, but if you have a larger space that needs to be trimmed with a gas string trimmer, then 15 to 18 inches is most likely going to be preferred.

Type of Engine

Gas trimmers can have two different types of engines. The first is a two-cycle engine; this is the more economical option if you are looking for a simple trimmer to trim the weeds in your yard. The second option is a four-cycle engine. This option is a bit more expensive to purchase, but it is designed with a little bit more power so that it works for larger jobs as well as small ones.

Easy to Maneuver

Regardless of the string trimmer that you select, you are going to need to choose one that is easy to move around the yard. Many of the models on the market are handheld, which gives you fewer restrictions as you use the trimmer; however, if you are using the device for a large yard, these types of trimmers can become difficult to manage. Some are designed with shoulder straps to help take some of the weight off of your arms as you use the trimmer, but trimming your yard or garden still makes you feel fatigue, then perhaps a trimmer that has wheels is a better option for you to consider. If you need to trim an area that is overgrown, then this may be the most efficient option for getting the job done.

Type of Trimmer Line and Feed System

There are two types of trimmer line that you can choose for your trimmer. This line is effectively what cuts the grass, so you will need to make sure that you select the right line for your needs. A standard line is designed for most lawns. This type of line does not cost a lot, so it is often the choice of homeowners. If you have a thicker area that needs cleared, then a commercial grade line is going to be able to clear the area with ease.

When it comes to the feed line on the trimmer, you will have two options to choose from. The first is a bump feeder, which will replenish the line as the old one needs to be replaced. There is also a fixed line that is a set length, which means that when it needs to be replaced, you will have to remove the old line and replace it with a newer one.

Maintenance Requirements

As with any gas-powered device, there are things that you will need to consider to maintain a string trimmer so that it functions season after season. First, you will need to make sure that the gas tank is free of any external or internal dust and debris, the oil will need to be changed somewhat frequently, and the motor will need to be cleaned thoroughly as well. It is always best to check the trimmer line and the amount of fuel that you have remaining after each use so that it is ready to go when you need to use it.

Final Thoughts

All of the gas string trimmers that we have reviewed in this guide are great options to consider. However, every garden or yard is not going to have the same needs when it comes to trimming, so what works for one individual may not be the best option for you. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the right trimmer for the job, but if you are still searching, use the buyer's guide to help. Gas trimmers are powerful tools, but they still emit emissions, perhaps in the future, there will be a more eco-friendly fuel source for trimmers that will operate more cleanly and for a longer period of time.

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